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I offer an independent professional mediation service in dispute resolution service to help you reach an agreement in a collaborative way. Issues to be resolved may be anything from minor differences of opinion to major conflicts. Mediation is effective in resolving on-going relationship problems between Work Colleagues or in making decisions for Separation or Divorce agreements.

It can be quite costly, financially and emotionally, to go to court to resolve these issues. Mediation offers a quick and inexpensive way of addressing your grievances, without prejudice, so that you can move forward. I will not make any judgement, but will facilitate a discussion of the issues so that you are able to explain your points of view and listen to what the other party has to say. You and the other party (with or without legal representation) will be assisted to discuss the issues which are important to you (strictly private & confidential), consider options and find solutions so that you can come to an agreement which will work for you. This agreement is flexible and can include whatever is required to suit your own and the other party's personal situation.

The length of time involved varies depending on the type of Mediation, the complexity of issues and the number of parties involved. Each Mediation begins with a short joint session, followed by individual sessions with each party this is where the work of mediation actually begins; I will be listening using my listening skills to explore what is causing the dispute and where can we reach to a compromise. These sessions are pivotal to help us eventually getting back together for one final joint session to reach to a resolution. The Mediation usually concludes with an Agreement settlement being signed by the parties which is legally binding.

My background in counselling and psychotherapy will make you feel safe, allowing you to explore what is causing the feelings of pain, anger or hurt in the dispute, to reach to a settlement agreement, without any party feeling that they had to relinquish too much.

If you would like to proceed, I will make contact with each party involved to explain more about the Mediation process, find out a little about his/her issues and to ensure that he/she is agreeable to going forward into Mediation.

Please contact me for further information: or 07500 133317

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